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More About Geek Fit

At Geek Fit Network, we’re driven by our dedication to incorporate fitness into everyday life by creating fun wellness activities based on fandom, gaming, and popular culture. In addition, we develop personalized fitness plans for those less likely to engage in mainstream fitness activities by infusing RPG, esports, and other forms of gaming into result-driven approaches to fitness.

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Ever since we launched GFN in 2017, we had the same goals in mind: engage the geek community, reduce barriers to fitness, and provide opportunities to become your character, and respawn those health & wellness points in a real-world setting.

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Geek Fit is a community-based company with the aim of providing fitness learning opportunities for geeks as well as the general public.  We aim to engage with the local community, including business owners, venues, and trainers to promote wellness and improve health statistics as we craft and explore unique and entertaining approaches to fitness. We welcome opportunities for community engagement, partnering, and social outreach.  

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