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Beer and Battles at Fortnight Brewing Company

We joined arms with the Triangle Sword Conservatory on June 29, 2019 at Fortnight Brewing Company in Cary, NC for Medieval Sword and Viking classes. Each participant was coached in proper safety in handling practice equipment, proper stances and combat techniques by Sir Eric and his team.

A Workout of Champions

It was a hot day, but everyone had a blast! After the classes, each apprentice enjoyed a cold beverage from Fortnight's flowing taps and hung around to observe a Battle demonstration performed by the masters of TSC.

Sir Eric and his sword-wielding posse have been practicing teaching historical sword fighting, sport fencing and stage combat for many years. Triangle Sword Conservator is a non-profit located in Holly Springs that focuses on education and fun for everyone. For more information on TSC you can visit their website at

The Geek Fit Network and Triangle Sword Conservatory frequently organize community classes around the RDU area including Pirate Sword Fighting and Scottish Broadsword.

Viking Sword and Shield

Check out this video from the event:

If you would like to attend our next sword event, keep an eye on our events section on facebook.

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