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Join the Geek Fit Network Meetup in Raleigh

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Let’s face it, we aren’t in high school anymore. I remember the days where I could sit in front of the tv, playing Kingdom Hearts and Super Smash Brothers for hours on end with a diet consisting of nothing but Cheeto Puffs, Hot Pockets, Pizza and Code Red Mountain Dew. I’ve maintained my poor eating habits and lack of physical activity well into my twenties and now enough is enough.

My love for Geek culture has taken a toll on my health as well as many others. I’m still not in the best shape of my life but I’m working my best to change years of bad habits. It’ll take some time. I hate the pressure of gym trainers, the culture of fitness gurus and the boring runs on the treadmills. I’ve scaled the mountains of Skyrim and ran through the streets of Renaissance Rome. And now I’m supposed to spend my time working out in a gym with boring routines in an intimidating atmosphere? No thank you.

I’ve signed up for gyms, tried different diets and it had done nothing for me all because of one thing. My love for the worlds crafted by creatives had spoiled me. And they spoiled you too. The Real World just doesn’t compare Middle Earth or Galaxies Far Far Away. Why would we want to take the time away from that? To get a hold on our health and well being, of course! But there has to be another way.

It’s all on our minds. Sitting Disease, Diabetes, Heart-Disease and many more things to consider when neglecting our health. But there is a solution. As geeks, we need to come together and support our efforts to take care of ourselves and level up our quality of life.

Did you know that people who exercise on a regular basis are generally happier than those who don’t?

Sure there are DIY videos out there and multiple free training tools to help. I’ve tried many, and lost interest because of one thing. I had no one to hold me accountable for my actions and I found these workouts to be incredibly boring. No support group, no fun and engaging workout routines, nothing that would keep me invested in building a habit of a healthy lifestyle (Unless I pay hundreds of gold coins for it).

This is where most people fail in losing weight or just trying to feel a little healthier. Most DIY programs require a fee for the support and community you need. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to find people like us working out regularly at the gym.

At Geek Fit, we want to give that support to you for FREE.

By Joining the Geek Fit Network in Raleigh, NC you will experience regular group exercise activities designed with Geeks in mind. Examples include: Geek Themed aerobics classes, Hiking Adventures, Virtual Reality Workouts, Gaming Fitness Challenges, Pokemon Go Walks, and more.

Regular Geek Meetups. Game Parties, Comic and Manga Binge, Movie Meets, and more.

  • Make friends with people with similar interests

  • Invites to Special Events happening in the Triangle Area

  • RPG based Fitness platform. Earn XP, Level Up and get some Loot! (Currently still in Development).

  • Access to Health and Nutrition Guides with a Nerdy twist

  • Facebook Support Group to help you achieve your fitness goals

Working out for Geeks should be anything but boring. Even if you don’t particularly have any fitness goals, the Geek Fit Network has something for everyone! We offer a judgement-free atmosphere to every gender, sexual orientation and political affiliation. All we ask in return is for everyone to respect each other and have fun geeking out!

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