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It's that time of year again!

The weather is getting warmer and murkier while the days begin to stretch into the season of sun, festivities, and outdoor sport in abundance. This might be fine and dandy to the average person but for geeks, outcasts, and introverts of all kinds, it is another mountain of obstacles!

The endless array of frustrating mundanity!

It's an endless array of intimidating group activities and frustrating mundanity. The last thing any of us want to do is a planned activity with mainstream ideals or themes and/or music so unmotivating, we'd rather stay home. There are things, people, and events that just don't interest some of us, i.e. everything you see on those deal sites or in the trendy gyms. It is hard enough to go outside and talk to other humans, much less work out with them! That's why it is such a relief to find out there are things like GeekFit. Not only is it a community that caters to like-minded individuals but those who also seek physical activity and fitness! Some times, all you need is that little push to get out there. That push could be something as simple as knowing that you'll be safe among socially awkward, unassuming peers. Or that you'll be meeting some people who could be new friends who love the same mangas as you or cosplay elites who are otherwise disengaged from normal society.

Outside of the mainstream!

There are unseen avenues outside of the mainstream where our paths cross yet we forget that we can lean on each other. This is especially the case in communal activity such as fitness and health where support and encouragement are essential to continued success. The thought of geek culture as common ground in those who want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle could be your ticket into finally getting out there to do things that make you feel better about yourself while accidentally socializing! We know that when this first began, there was no doubt as to what kind of people we wanted to sweat with or play with. So if you have an inkling of what its like to be a geek and you want to meet others like you, join us for our next adventure! We have a list of upcoming events on our Facebook page! Like us and let us know you're coming!.

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