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Geek Fit Network: Geeking Out With Yoga

Geek Fit Network: Geeking Out With Yoga
Geek Fit Network: Geeking Out With Yoga

After a day of adventuring, you make your way towards the local tavern. Upon entering you see patrons enjoying mugs of mead and travelers from Geek Fit Network striking yoga poses to heavy metal music. 

Join Geek Fit Network on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month for Metal Yoga! And check out the first part of our interview with Instructor Glo!

Metal Yoga Banner
Metal Yoga Banner

Tell us a little about yourself!

The name is Glo, short for Gloryann (I am a Junior since my mom’s name is also GloryAnn). I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, but I have been only teaching for a little over a year. 

My specialty in yoga is Hatha Yoga because it reminds me of moon energy; slow, emotional, and transformative. I also really enjoy Metal Yoga because it allows the more edgy parts of myself to be expressed and that in itself is healing. 

I am currently a Manager at Massage Envy at Brier Creek and have worked in other holistic health industries, so I am familiar with the many tools of wellness. 

Outside of the professional realm, I love to cosplay, play video games, read comic books, make short films, and play music. My favorite video games are Fortnite & Overwatch, so if you are into these games…we are most likely talking for a lonnnng time!

Geek Fit Network Metal Yoga Class
Geek Fit Network Metal Yoga Class

What tips can you give beginners?

The best tip I can give is not to overextend yourself by trying to impress others or yourself. As a beginner, it can be really easy to look around and try to compare yourself with others. However, as you delve deeper into the journey of yoga, you realize that the journey is solely your own (even with others around). The feelings, sensations, thoughts, struggles, focus… are all part of your own journey.

With that being said, practicing mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork is a great way to center yourself and prepare for a yoga session. Occasionally closing your eyes when you are comfortable with a posture can be highly beneficial, so more of your awareness is focused on feeling/adjusting.

Lastly, trying to master 3-5 fundamental poses will help boost your confidence as you are learning. Starting off in a flow class can be intimidating due to all of the different poses and switching it up consistently. By focusing on 3 poses throughout your first class, you will be more prepared for the next one feeling more confident and ready to learn more!

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