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Geek Fit Network: Side Quest Accepted

Geek Fit Network Side Quest Accepted
Geek Fit Network Side Quest Accepted

Geek Fit Network: Side Quest Accepted

You’ve embarked on a hero’s journey. Whether it’s with magical prowess or physical strength, the path is set and you’re off to adventure. Step by step you reach new heights with experience and gold. When another quest marker appears you eagerly approach. It grants increased strength, resistance to disease, and concentration. The perfect mix for any character. And the best part? It’s repeatable. Promising to grant experience and rewards each time. What is the quest you ask? Finding fun ways to stay active. But how can fitness be fun? Geek Fit Network has you covered.

Themed hikes are a great way to incorporate cosplay into fitness and immerse yourself in a fandom you enjoy.

Geek Fit Network took a tour of the old Hillsborough, NC Occoneechee Speedway in a Fallout Inspired Hike. As Vault Dwellers we explored abandoned buildings of the old raceway and walked the track. Along the way, we imagined what it would be like back in the day; crowds filling the stands and cars racing along the bends.

Or gather your trusted companions and fight your way to the end of a dungeon through an indoor obstacle course.

Geek Fit Network tried their might at the OC Aerial indoor adventure park in Durham, NC. And while we had to respawn a few times at the beginning of certain obstacles, each new piece we conquered racked up the experience points. Some foes were too mighty for us to fell, but we built up our resistance and set our sights on the possibilities once we gain more experience.

Fitness doesn’t have to seem like an endless grind for experience. Geek Fit Network is a wonderful community, ready to put a fun twist on any fitness activity! Contact us to find out how you can start your fitness side quest.

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