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Geek Fit Network: Developing Your Skill Tree

Geek Fit Network Developing Your Skill Tree
Geek Fit Network Developing Your Skill Tree

Geek Fit Network: Developing Your Skill Tree

Like developing skills in a game, developing new healthy habits takes time and practice. Building up one skill tree at a time will greatly improve your chances of success. Eating habits, fitness level, mental health, etc. Keep in mind if you try to build out multiple skill trees at the same time, you may end up having to restart. It’s exciting to imagine being a maxed out character, but it isn’t going to happen overnight.

You might begin with your nutrition skill tree to earn stat buffs from healthier eating. The first few steps could be healthy food swaps, or ordering out one day less a week. While dining out can be fun, it can also cause debuffs like weight gain. Or if you’re ready to tackle recipes, try cooking one new dish a week. As your cooking skill improves, branch out into more complicated recipes. Soon enough you’ll be feeling those food buffs and be ready to take on your next challenge.

Image of herbs being chopped

Or maybe you want to work on your mental health skill tree. Starting can be as simple as doing breathing exercises for a few minutes each morning. You can even add a little light movement every day, building up to a step or strength goal. By working on your mental health, you’ll gain boosts to skills such as your stamina or concentration.

Image of meditation on rocky shore

Whichever skill tree you decide to work on, make sure to stick with it! And if you fall short of your goals don’t despair. You can restart from your last save and reevaluate the best way to move forward. Remember how many hours you spend earning skill points and developing your in game skill trees. Outside the game, it will take just as much time and effort.

Which skill tree will you work on first?

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